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OMG: You Can Get Lice From Taking Selfies!

Yes, you read it right. Stop taking so many pictures! People just might be getting lice from taking selfies with friends. Who doesn’t love to hold their arm out and get the perfect… Continue reading

#LetsMove: Staying Healthy with Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama teams up with Will Ferrell to promote the First Lady’s anti-childhood obesity initiative. In February of 2010, the “Let’s Move” initiative began in hopes of changing the lives of many americans.… Continue reading

Rise To The Occasion: God Will Restore and Increase!

Wouldn’t it be great to get back the years we’ve wasted on relationships that held us back, terrible mistakes, or that sinful past that we still feel shame or guilt from? God makes… Continue reading

5 Ways To Make Your Gal Smile This Valentine’s Day

Hey fellas, are you still stuck on what to do for your special lady this Friday? With Valentine’s Day creeping closer by the minute its not too late to get your lady something… Continue reading