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Gone But Not Forgotten: Germina Cruz and Kerry Benson

On Tuesday, the Jefferson County coroner identified 24-year-old Kerry Benson and 23-year-old Germina Cruz as the victims of a fatal car crash on Monday night near Bowman Field. When I got the news… Continue reading

Tracking HIV Through Tweets and Geolocation

Researchers from UCLA (Univeristy of California, Los Angeles) looked at more than 550 million geo-located tweets from May 2012 to December 2012. The twitter study which was published in the peer-reviewed journal Preventive… Continue reading

Andriod Introduces the New ‘BroApp’

There’s an app for everything and this one is specically for the guys out there! The Andriod market introduces the BroApp to the Google Play Store for $1.99 and soon it will be… Continue reading

Rise To The Occassion: Be Patient

Things will go wrong at times. You can’t always control circumstances or rewind time. However, you can control your attitude, approach, and response. I feel that’s the greatest move. I love what I… Continue reading

ObamaCare: Are You Covered?

Many Americans have debated on whether or not they will sign up for ObamaCare through its website and if they believe that this healthcare will do them any good. One of the best… Continue reading