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Rise To The Occasion: Accept Your Own Greatness

Do you ever downplay your achievements or the compliments you receive from others? I do this all of the time. I have this thing where my brain tells me: In order to be humble you have… Continue reading

Have You Submitted Your #CamoConfession?

“We all have something to cover. Let’s TAKE IT OFF. Together.” Using this tagline, The professional camouflage makeup company, Dermablend Pro, came out with an amazing new ad campaign called Camo Confessions, encouraging people… Continue reading

Abdominal Pregnancy: Tanzanian Women Grows Baby Outside of Her Womb

I know right, how is this possible? It happened guys. At 32 weeks into her preganancy, a 22-year old woman from Mwanza, Tanzania found out that her unborn child was growing outside of… Continue reading

Do You Use Herbalife: FTC Opens Up An Investigation

This just in. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) opens an investigation for the popular fitness company Herbalife. Are you currently selling or using their products? Here’s a heads up. Via USA Today: Herbalife… Continue reading

Black Students at Harvard Fight Racism With “I, Too, Am Harvard” Project

“Our voices often go unheard on this campus, our experiences are devalued, our presence is questioned. This project is our way of speaking back, of claiming this campus, of standing up to say:… Continue reading

Rise To The Occasion: Soar Like An Eagle

Drive out fear & soar like an eagle. Father God, You made me to soar, not to sit in fear. Wrap my heart around the true meaning of grace. Help me soar like… Continue reading