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Keisha Nicole’s Zucchini Pasta Recipe #KeishasKrib

This is my absolute go to meal. It’s healthy and quick. It’s a great substitution for PASTA! Sure pasta is carb OVERLOAD but not when you substitute the carbs for veggies. I’m talking… Continue reading

Top 10 Free Fitness Apps

There are over 1,000 fitness apps related to losing weight, staying healthy, and keeping up with your calorie intake. Where do you begin? Working out and eating right starts with you staying focused.… Continue reading

How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Easter Treats?

With Easter coming up, your cravings for Cadbury Creme Eggs, marshmallow Peeps, and fruity jellybeans are probably on the move. Before you reach for the chocolate bunny in your Easter basket, check out… Continue reading

Do You Use Herbalife: FTC Opens Up An Investigation

This just in. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) opens an investigation for the popular fitness company Herbalife. Are you currently selling or using their products? Here’s a heads up. Via USA Today: Herbalife… Continue reading

ObamaCare: Are You Covered?

Many Americans have debated on whether or not they will sign up for ObamaCare through its website and if they believe that this healthcare will do them any good. One of the best… Continue reading

OMG: You Can Get Lice From Taking Selfies!

Yes, you read it right. Stop taking so many pictures! People just might be getting lice from taking selfies with friends. Who doesn’t love to hold their arm out and get the perfect… Continue reading