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Sew Pretty Sewing Workshop For Children and Teens!

Does you child love Drawing, Arts & Craft, or Fashion? Give your children a new experience! April 12th Fhonia Ellis Presents Sew Pretty Sewing and craft workshop.Our sewing classes for children and teens… Continue reading

Cutest Picture Ever: Young Girl Gets Ticketed By Police Officer

This has to be on of the cutest picture ever… unless you looked at the photo and thought otherwise. Little Za’Dariyah Mishaw is styling in her car, just cruising down the street, when… Continue reading

A Weekend To Remember!

For the past month I have been running an Anti-Bully campaign to spread awareness of bullying and join together the community in effort to end it. I myself was bullied growing up– kids… Continue reading

Keish Loves the Kids

I love what I do, but what makes me the happiest is being able to relate and inspire the youth.

Anti-Bullying Back to School Campaign

          Have you ever been bullied as a child & experienced the hurt & pain it’s caused mentally or even physically? Just think back on being in grade school… Continue reading