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What’s up with Hip-Hop and Godly references?

Lately some of the hottest rappers are coming out with a “Godly reference” for their album titles for example Rick Ross “God forgives, I don’t”, The Game “Jesus Piece”, J Cole “Born Sinner”,… Continue reading

Heard Azealia Banks “212” Yet?

So Azaelia Banks is an upcoming artist from NYC and is allegedly working on some new music with Kanye West. She’s already dissed Nicki Minaj and Kreayshawn, and I think she’s ready to… Continue reading

Frank Ocean “Voodoo”

Check outĀ Frank Ocean “Voodoo” I loved Frank Ocean’s debut project “Nostalgia, Ultra”. Mr. Ocean, when are you going to give us a new project? This will do until then…

Blake Griffin Posterizes Perkins

Wow! Blake Griffin might have dunk of the year. What do you think? Does Blake Griffin outshine Lebron’s infamous dunk?

Kid Cudi as WZRD Debut “Teleport 2 Me”

Kid Cudi & longtime friend and producer Dot Da Genius have teamed up to form WZRD, and last night they let go of the final version of “Teleport 2 Me”. Kid Cudi always… Continue reading