#TopicOfTheDay Men wearing hats vs. Women wearing weaves. What’s more deceiving?

Ladies…so you meet a guy and he is FINE! He has on a hat but you think nothing of it because men wear hats all the time. You guys go on more than 3 dates and the infamous hat is still there. You two start to date and he finally takes the hat off when you two become intimate. He has a major receding hairline and a bald spot. Fellas…you meet a chick and she has a weave in her hair. You two continue to date. One day she takes the weave out before she heads back to the shop to get it installed. She has short hair and looks completely different from the woman you’ve been dating. What’s more deceiving…men who wear hats all the time and you never see him without one or women who wears weave all the time? ‪#‎BattleOfTheSexes‬. You ever get caught slippin?

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