Who is Valerie Strauss and Why Does She Want Us To Stop Talking About A Young Man With 8 Ivy League Offers?

Have you heard the story of Kwasi Enin, the Long Island teen who applied to all 8 Ivy League schools and got accepted? For Enin and his family, it is a dream come true! A young first-generation American from Ghana who applied to 8 Ivy League universities got accepted to them all. That’s right, he received acceptance letters from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale!

According to USA Today,  acceptance comes rarely to Ivy League universities, even among the USA’s top students. At the top end, Cornell University admitted only 14% of applicants. Harvard accepted just 5.9%.

With acceptance being rare for high school students, Enin has something to celebrate! And from the looks of things he has a bright future ahead of him.

But With happiness comes haters, Valerie Strauss is an education reporter for the Washington Post and she couldn’t help but put her two cents into the matter.

“Can We Stop Obsessing on the Ivy League” is an article written by Strauss, and she comes off racist with her comments about Kwasi Enin.

Via The Washington Post:

Have you heard yet about 17-year-old Kwasi Enin of Shirley, N.Y., who applied to all of the eight schools in the Ivy League and got into every single one? If not, you are, by now, the only one.

Congratulations to Kwasi Enin. Now can we stop talking about him?

It isn’t easy to get into the Ivy League, everybody knows; the admission rate this year was 8.925641 percent, rounding to the nearest millionth of a percentage point, according to this story by my colleague Nick Anderson, and the schools aren’t shy about telling the world about it. Princeton University issued a news release with this headline: “Princeton offers admission to 7.28 percent of applicants.” The lowest admit rate in the Ivy League was Harvard, at 5.9 percent, but as it turns out, Stanford University on the West Coast had an even lower percentage — 5.07 (the .07 is important), the lowest in the school’s storied history.

I know what you think: Spare me the sympathy. It still hurts. But let’s keep this in perspective. What did Magic Johnson say to the little boy who also tested HIV positive? ”You’ve got to have a positive attitude.” What happens when you don’t keep a positive attitude? Don’t ask.

Now you would think she could just say congratulations, like all the other reporters. But, Strauss had to remind her readers that acceptance into the Ivy League is hard for anyone. Let her child or someone she know be accepted in the Ivy League and  see that she wouldn’t be happy for them! My suggestion to the reporter,  give Enin his props and have a seat.

What are your thoughts on Valerie Strauss suggesting everyone to “stop talking” about the  Ivy League Teen?