Man Suing Houston Rockets for Gay Slurs Said

It looks like the Houston Rockets might be paying up! At the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, a food service worker is filing a suit against the Houston Rockets team. Rasean Tates says that during his time of setting up a buffet in the locker room for the team, Rockets players allegedly begin saying gay slurs to him. I’m shocked.

Via FoxSports:

The lawsuit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, alleges 28-year-old Rasean Tate heard these comments while his back was turned: “Get this f***** out of here!” and “He’s trying to catch a sneaky peeky!”

A Nets official allegedly saw the Feb. 22, 2013, incident and instructed Tate to leave the locker room and that he would “take care of it,” according to the report.

The suit states Tate, who was working for Levy Restaurant catering department at the time, was later restricted by his employer from working in private VIP area, locker rooms and dressing rooms — a move Tate alleges was a result of his sexual orientation while the reason given for the ban was overtime pay, according to the report.

The Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center are not included in the suit. The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages from the Rockets and Levy Restaurant Holdings, the report states.

Do you think this is true? Willthe Rockets be willing to pay up?