Lil’ Boosie: More Partying To Come?

Apparently Lil’ Booise is off to a bad start  . His neighbors in the New Orleans English Turn subdivision aren’t feeling the loud noise coming from his rented home.


Some are worried that a birthday party Rapper Lil Boosie threw last weekend for his mother’s 60th birthday is the beginning of more to come.

Boosie reportedly just moved into the exclusive, gated-community. He’s renting a home once owned by Rapper Birdman.

Boosie’s mother says there were several parties that weekend.

“We’re in this neighborhood just like everybody else, you understand. Just like everybody else have parties. We have parties too.”

She says nothing got out of hand, and she’s puzzled by the complaints.

Do you think neighbors are singling Boosie out or does he need to keep it down just to stay out of trouble & keep it on the safe side?