How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Easter Treats?

With Easter coming up, your cravings for Cadbury Creme Eggs, marshmallow Peeps, and fruity jellybeans are probably on the move. Before you reach for the chocolate bunny in your Easter basket, check out the calories and nutritional info for your favorite treats.

1. Cadbury Mini Chocolate Eggs


This classic Easter treat packs 6 grams of fat and 20 grams of sugar into one little egg. (Thanks, irresistible cream filling!). Indulge, then grab a partner and burn off those cals with a 30-minute jog around the track.

2.Brach’s Jelly Beans


We’ll eat some 16 billion jelly beans for Easter, but did you know a  Brach’s Classic Jelly Bird Egg has 11 calories.  A 40-gram serving (14 eggs) will set you back 150 calories and 7 1/4 tsp sugar.



These marshmallow treats are squishy and airy, neon-hued and nothing compares. The good news here is that Peeps have no fat content —but five of these little fellows  (a serving size) have 34 grams of sugar (ouch).  Better head to the gym now if you plan on working off the calories from these tasty treats.

4.Hershey’s Miniature Chocolate Eggs


Downsizing your candies will help save big in calories. These 29-calorie eggs are a relatively good calorie bargain…as long as you don’t  eat 29 of them. A serving (7) has 220 calories, 12 grams fat, and 5 1/2 tsp sugar.

5. Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny


A 4″ high hollow bunny (45 grams) has about 206 calories, 12 grams fat and 5 tsp sugar.Some solid chocolate Easter bunnies can have more than 750 calories and a day’s worth of fat and several day’s worth of saturated fat.  Make sure your bunny is hollow and no taller than 4″ and it should be more diet-friendly.

Total amount of calories, fat, and sugar in common Easter candies:


I can pass on the jelly beans but love a Cadbury Creme Egg! What’s your temptation?