92-year-old Dorothy Owens becomes honorary high school graduate

You’re never too old to graduate high school and a 92-year-old Memphian is proving that!

A 92-year-old from Memphis, TN is now a high school graduate. While Dorothy Owens’ peers were in high school, when she was younger she was forced to drop out after her father died to help support her family.

Although Owens lacked a high school education, she made it a point to encourage her children and grandchildren to pursue an education. One of those grandchildren made it a point for her grandmother to receive her diploma.

Owens’ granddaughter wrote a letter to her high school, Booker T. Washington, asking for an honorary diploma.

Last month, on her 92nd birthday, Booker T. Washington High School awarded Owens a certificate of attendance.

Check out the home video as Dorothy Owens and her family share a very special moment with us!