Nicki Minaj Gives Relationship Advice In Clip From ‘The Other Woman’

Nicki Minaj once said that she would love to one day leave a music legacy behind her and become known for her acting ability.

Do you think Minaj has what it takes to make it on the big screen? Well, you’re about to find out, on April 25, Nicki Minaj is set to make her big screen debut in The Other Woman.  The rapper-turned-actress, who attended LaGuardia High School’s drama program, plays Cameron Diaz’ sassy assistant Lydia at a law firm in Nick Cassavetes’ romantic comedy.


The film follows a woman (Diaz) who finds out that she is “the other woman” in an affair, and teams up with the man’s wife to get revenge on the cheating husband. Minaj plays Diaz’s assistant at a law firm. In the film, her character is a woman who doesn’t take any stuff and oh yeah,  she’s also on her third marriage.

Watch Nicki Manji show off her acting skills in the clip below.