Deitrick Haddon Speaks On Season 2 Of ‘Preachers Of LA’


The hit Oxygen show ‘Preachers of LA’ features Deitrick, Clarence McClendon, Jay Haizlip, Ron Gibson, Wayne Chaney and Noel Jones as reality TV cameras follow the men of God living their lives of ministry.

Gospel singer, Deitrick Haddon is known as one of the most controversial characters on ‘Preachers Of LA’, however he serves as an executive producer for the reality show. In a recent interview with TheJasmineBrand, he revealed his plans for the show’s second season.

Though they received a lot of criticism during season 1, the cast plans to return to a television screen near you.

“Season 2, they’re gon’ turn it up to another level,” Deitrick recently told “We’re already shooting scenes that are gonna be crazy.”

Deitrick said he and his co-stars don’t always live up to others’ expectations, but that’s just one reason he wanted to do the show. He has been facing public criticism after going through a divorce and having a child out of wedlock, an issue he discussed numerous times on the first season of the ‘Preachers of LA’.

“A lot of times when you’re being a human being, you’re gonna fall short,” he said. “That’s what the show’s all about…being transparent.”

Deitrick said he hopes the cast members of the show’s spin-off series are ready for the type of judgment that comes with the reality TV territory.

“I’m concerned about the preachers being ready for the ridicule that comes with it,” he said. “Preachers, they have this strong façade but they don’t have tough skin. I don’t know if these preachers can handle this.”

Is Preachers of LA representing Preachers the right way?  Stay tuned for more information of the hit reality show returning this fall.

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