Keyshia Cole Talks New Single “Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away)”

Keyshia Cole has released another brand new single!

Just yesterday, she wanted to go off like “Rick James,” the R&B singer is putting her cheating man on blast. On her new heartbreak song, ‘Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away), softens her stance of the situation, vowing to be more careful when it comes to falling in love.
“The crazy part about it is I took you right back / I thought you were a changed man / I tried to work it out for the sake of my family / But you took my kindness for weakness and my love for granted,” she sings.

The song is a nice R&B ballad and it’s more Keyshia Cole-style.  As for the lyrics, Keyshia sings about a bad man who cheated on her once, and whom she forgave and get back to, but enough is enough. In the sense, she kills it vocally, and passionately, and it’s actually a listenable track. But is this new single about her husband Daniel Gibson?

Earlier this morning (March 20), Cole visited The Breakfast Club and explained the current situation with her husband, not afraid to speak her mind, the singer says “We co-parent. He’s a great father. At 8:30am he comes and take DJ to school every morning and I pick him up, we good…It’s a little difficult to be happy right now,” she confides.

Even though, Keyshia and her hubby marriage appears to be a little unstable, She is still going strong. Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away)” song is one of six tracks she freestyled for her upcoming sixth album.  Are you looking forward to  follow-up to 2012′s Woman to Woman will be out in August and will be her final album for Interscope?