Meet The Richest Billionaire In Every State

It seems that home is where the heart is for the billionaires of the United States – with a new study revealing that a surprising number of them still live close to the companies they founded.

According to Forbes Magazine, Wal-Mart heiress Christy Walton is the richest person in Wyoming, with a personal net worth ($36.7 billion) that is higher than her state’s GDP ($31.3 billion). Her brother-in-law Jim Walton is the wealthiest in Arkansas, with a net worth ($34.7 billion) more than one-third the size of his state’s GDP ($93.9 billion).

However, compared to the rest of the world, the United States still boasts an extraordinary number of wealthy people. With 60,280 individuals worth more than $30 million, the U.S. dwarfs China with 11,245 and Japan with 12,830. In fact, half of the world’s twenty richest people live within the United States.

Richest Person in Each State

1: Washington: Bill Gates: $64.5 billion – Microsoft chairman, co-chair of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

2: Nebraska: Warren Buffett: $49.6 billion – Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

3: California: Lawrence Ellison: $41.1 billion – CEO of Oracle Corp.

4: Arkansas: James Walton: $33.6 billion – Chairman of Arvest Bank, son of Walmart founder, Sam Walton

5: Kansas: David Koch: $32.1 billion – Vice-chairman of Koch Industries

6: New York: Michael Bloomberg: $24.8 billion – New York City Mayor and owner of Bloomberg LP

7: Nevada: Sheldon Adelson: $20.2 billion – Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands

8: Virginia: Forrest Mars, Jr.: $17 billion – Part-owner of Mars candy company and grandson of the late Frank C. Mars

9: Texas: Michael Dell: $14 billion – CEO of Dell Inc

10: Oregon: Philip Knight: $13 billion – Chairman of Nike Inc.

11: Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson: $11.9 billion – President, Fidelity Financial Services

12: Georgia: Anne Cox Chambers: $11.2 billion – Member of Cox Enterprises’ board of directors, chairwoman of Atlanta Newspapers

13: Connecticut: Raymond Dalio: $10 billion – Founder of Bridgewater Associates LP

14: Oklahoma: George Kaiser: $10 billion – Chairman of BOK Financial

15: Colorado: Charles Ergen: $8.3 billion – Founder and chairman of DISH Network

16: Pennsylvania: Hansjorg Wyss: $7.7 billion – Chairman of Swiss medical device manufacturer Synthes Holding AG

17: North Carolina: James Goodnight: $7.4 billion – CEO of SAS Institute

18: Wisconsin: John Menard, Jr.: $6 billion – Founder and owner of home-improvement retailer Menard Inc.

19: New Jersey: David Tepper: $5.2 billion – President and founder of Appaloosa Management

20: Michigan: Richard DeVos Sr.: $5.1 billion – Co-founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic

21: Montana: Dennis Washington: $5 billion – Founder of The Washington Companies and co-founder of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation

22: Ohio: Leslie Wexner: $4.5 billion – Chairman and CEO of Limited Brands

23: Arizona: Bruce Halle Sr.: $4 billion – Founder of Discount Tires

24: Florida: Joseph Lewis: $3.9 billion – Founder of Tavistock Group and owner of Tottenham Hotspur soccer team in England

25: Illinois: Samuel Zell: $3.9 billion – Founder of Equity Residential

26: Maryland: Theodore Lerner: $3.9 billion – Founder of real estate firm Lerner Enterprises

27: Minnesota: Pauline Keinath: $3.7 billion – Part-owner of Cargill Inc. and great-granddaughter of founder W. W. Cargill

28: Indiana: Gayle Cook: $3.4 billion – Member of board of directors of medical device firm Cook Group

29: Tennessee: Thomas Frist, Jr.: $3 billion – Founder of HCA, the Hospital Corporation of America

30: Utah: Robert Earl Holding: $2.7 billion – Owner of Sinclair Oil

31: Mississippi: Leslie Lampton: $2.4 billion – Founder of Ergon Inc.

32: South Carolina: Anita Zucker: $2.2 billion – Chairwoman and CEO of chemical manufacturer InterTech Group

33: Rhode Island: Jonathan Nelson: $1.6 billion – CEO of Providence Equity Partners

34: Missouri: Christopher Cline: $1.5 billion – Founder of Foresight Energy

35: West Virginia: James Justice II: $1.5 billion – Owner of the coal mining Justice Companies

36: Alabama: Marguerite Harbert: $1.4 billion – Widow of the late construction and energy mogul, John Murdoch Harbert III

37: Louisiana: Thomas Benson: $1.3 billion – Owner of New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Hornets

38: South Dakota: T. Denny Sanford: $1.3 billion

39: Idaho: Frank VanderSloot: $1.2 billion – CEO of Melaleuca

40: Kentucky: Bradley Wayne Hughes: $1.1 billion – Founder of Public Storage

41: Iowa: Dennis Albaugh: $1 billion – Founder of Albaugh Inc.

42: North Dakota: Gary Tharaldson: $900 million – Founder of the Tharaldson Companies

43: Maine: Leon Gorman: $860 million – Chairman of L.L. Bean

44: Delaware: Robert Gore: $830 million – Founder of materials and manufacturing company W.L. Gore & Associates

45: New Mexico: Peyton Yates, Jr.: $760 million – President of Yates Petroleum Corp.

46: Alaska: Robert Gillam: $690 million – President and CEO of McKinley Capital Management LLC

47: Hawaii: Jay Shidler: $680 million – Founder of the real estate company The Shidler Group

48: New Hampshire: Martin Trust: $600 million – President of Brandot International, formerly president and CEO of MAST Industries

49: Vermont: Robert Stiller: $580 million – Founder of Green Mountain Coffee

50: Wyoming: John Martin: $210 million – Chairman and CEO of Gilead Sciences