Selfies Gone Too Far? A Man electrocuted taking selfie on train roof

When it comes to getting props on the internet, how far will you go? One Spanish young man paid the ultimate price trying to take an selfie.

The 21-year-old died in Andujar, Andalusia, at 12 noon Saturday after clambering on top of a haulage locomotive with a friend to take a picture.

The duo thought the train, parked in a siding at the town’s station, was not electrified. But its cables were in fact still connected and conducting a current.

Firefighters, police and paramedics rushed to the scene, according to ABC. The electricity supply between local stations was cut so the pair could be attended to, but it was too late, and the 21-year-old, from Vegas de Triana, was declared dead at the scene.

His friend was taken to Alto Guadalquivir Hospital, where he remains in a serious condition. Andujar Mayor Jesus Estrella declared three days of official mourning in the town.

We can all learn from this lesson, when you are  taking a selfie,  be careful of your surroundings. Don’t lose your life while trying to capture a moment in time with your camera.