Petite Pastries- McDonald’s is testing out a new breakfast product


Breakfast at McDonald’s just got better – introducing new McCafé Petite Pastries, freshly baked in our restaurants’ ovens throughout the day.

McDonald’s is betting that a pint-sized pastry can jump-start more breakfast and coffee-related sales for the chain, which has seen its numbers slide over the last four months.

The international franchise company’s 112 San Diego stores will be among the first to know if it works, because they are one of just a few test markets trying out McDonald’s’ new McCafé Petite Pastries.

The pastries are freshly baked with real butter and consist of light layers of dough wrapped around either raspberry or cinnamon cream cheese filling. The pair of sweets is selling for $1.99 or for $1.29 if you also buy a coffee.  Also, they weigh in at 110 calories and 160 calories each, respectively.

Petite Pastries, sounds yummy right? Are you looking forward to petite pastries coming to a McDonald’s near you?