Rise To The Occasion: Who Are You in Private?

I was reading The Uncommon Life by Tony Dungy and this really stuck out to me.

Be a person who finds ways to be selfless, to do something quietly and unexpected for someone else. You are more than your career or accomplishments, especially the things that are lauded publicly. The bulk of your impact, either here on earth or eternally, will be from those things that you do in private.
-Tony Dungy

What you do when no one is looking defines who you are. Be consistent with who you are. It is easy to appear to have good character when others are around. When was the last time you did something really good for someone out of the kidness of your heart? Not for recognition. More often these days we see celebrities patting themselves on the back for what they did for someone else. You don’t have to be in a position of power to give, to love & to share.