Tyler Perry’s ‘Single Moms Club’ In Theaters TODAY!

Tyler Perry has been on the entertainment scene for 10 years and success just continues to follow. From rags to riches, Mr. Perry has a story to tell and lives through his creations one script at a time. We admire his hardworking attitude in wanting to make sure that life’s hardships are expressed within his productions through everyday activities. This explains why many people can relate to his style of entertainment. His empire includes televsion shows, theatre productions, movies and a full-service studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Perry shares:

“What I love about this movie and what I’m really excited about, it’s about these five women coming together from all different walks of life – one works at the Waffle House, one runs a publishing company, but when they come together they realize all their issues are the same because they’re single moms. So they form a group together to support each other. One babysits while the others go out, so maybe single moms club will start popping up all over America.”

The Single Moms Club is the 19th movie coming out of his multi-million dollar entertainmet empire and today – March 14th, 2014 – it has hit theatres everywhere! Go and grab your tickets.