Rise To The Occasion: Accept Your Own Greatness

Do you ever downplay your achievements or the compliments you receive from others? I do this all of the time. I have this thing where my brain tells me: In order to be humble you have to downplay your accomplishments. Why is this so natural for me? I never want to seem full of myself or I always try so hard not to make others around me feel uncomfortable. I’m in a way, dimming my light. It’s not like I’m trying to blind others, but by doing so, I can see how it affects me.

For instance, if a cute guy says “You look nice today” & your reply is “Oh thanks. I rushed getting dressed this morning & didn’t have time to iron.” Why are you not accepting his compliment? STOP IT! He said you were cute. No need to attract attention to what you aren’t or what you didn’t do. Even small situations like this can decrease your own greatness.

This morning I read a post from Huffington Post contributor Kait Sawyer and it spoke directly to me. OWN YOUR GREATNESS! Check out a few points that stuck out to me. If you don’t start showing the confidence in yourself that other people see, you’re never going to be able to grow.

From Kait Sawyer:

Why is it that people, women in particular, always need to preface their accomplishments with an apology or a disclaimer? Why do we believe our shortcomings make us more likable? Why do we place self-doubt in someone else’s head before we’ve even managed to convey our idea? Why do we need to soften a compliment by divulging a weakness?