Have You Submitted Your #CamoConfession?

“We all have something to cover. Let’s TAKE IT OFF. Together.” Using this tagline, The professional camouflage makeup company, Dermablend Pro, came out with an amazing new ad campaign called Camo Confessions, encouraging people to embrace their imperfections and love the skin they are in. Dermablend Pro is known for creating high-coverage makeup and with this campaign, they have grabbed the attention of many people.

The campaign features confessional videos from three individuals that will touch your heart. Rico, whose whole body is covered head to toe in tattoos, Cheri, a woman and her experience in living with vitiligo, and Cassandra, YouTube makeup artist and model with severe acne. During each confessional, they talk about how important it was for them to wear make-up in order to fit in. It’s safe to say that all of us wouldn’t want to draw attention to our differences due to societal expectations. What’s great about each individual confession is that they realize that no matter how they make look on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. From this campagin people all over the country have been inspired to join the movement.

Dermablend wants the campaign goes viral and is currently encourgaing their Youtube subscribers and social media followers to make personal Camo Confessions. These videos will be collected and uploaded to the official Dermablend Pro Youtube account for the world to see. Have you submitted your Camo Confession?

From Dermablend Pro:

For every confession submitted, Dermablend will donate $1 to Look Good Feel Better®, (@LGFB) an organization dedicated to improving the self- esteem and quality of life of woman suffering appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment through beauty sessions.

Check out Rico’s Camo Confession below and head over to the Dermablend Pro Youtube page to watch Cheri’s and Cassandra’s. Thank you Dermablend Pro for reminding us how beautiful we all are!