2 Buildings Collapse After Explosion in Harlem

On Wednesday morning, around 9:30am, the two five-story buildings at the northwest corner of 116th Street and Park Avenue in Harlem collapsed followed by an explosion that carried debris into the air. FDNY confirm: Two people are dead and a total of twenty people have been injuried by the incident. Manhattan ratteled as glass windows and doors shattered. People in the distance could feel the explosion as fas as 15oth street and watched as smoke filled the air in Central Park.

Authorities informed that Members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force responded to the scene out of an abundance of caution. New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, told reporters at the scene: “… A number of people remain missing. Every effort would be made to verify their safety and whereabouts.” Officials share that the buildings are destroyed and that the cause of the explosion is unknown. They are being very cautious with the information being shared and want to be sure that fatalities are correct.

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