Mila J Video Teaser

This is a talented family, Jhene Aiko’s sister Mila J has released a new single “Smoke, Drink, Break Up”.

Back in my college days when Mila J was working with T.U.G. I had her on my college radio show. So glad to see she’s back with a new sound. Her dance style reminds me so much of Aaliyah.


She started off her career as a dancer in Prince’s Diamonds In Pearls video. She was in the R&B group “Gyrl” in 1997 that originally consisted of the Chilombo sisters: Jamila, Miyoko along with Paulette Maxwell. The girls became backup dancers for Immature and appeared in their videos “Constantly,” the remix version for “Constantly” and “I Don’t Mind.” The group’s original name was “Innocence” and was later changed to “Gyrl.”

By 1996, Paulette left the group and new members Jeanae & Tai-Amber Woo turned the former trio into a quartet. Eventally the group “Gyrl” faded away. Jamila a.k.a. Mila J joined short-lived girl group, Dame 4 in 2005.

She appeared on Omarion’s debut album on the track “Take it Off.” In 2006, she recorded her solo album “Split Personality,” but it was never released. After a hiatus, she’s back! You feeling her vibe?