Gone But Not Forgotten: Germina Cruz and Kerry Benson

On Tuesday, the Jefferson County coroner identified 24-year-old Kerry Benson and 23-year-old Germina Cruz as the victims of a fatal car crash on Monday night near Bowman Field.

When I got the news my heart instantly dropped. Usually when you hear about car wrecks you never think it’s someone you know. This isn’t about me. It’s about someone that’s near and dear to my heart. My friend and co-worker Karmen lost her brother. Not only did she lose her brother but she lost her best friend. These two are thicker than thieves. Close in age. Just a few months ago she had to bury her Grandfather who lost his life to cancer. I can’t even imagine the pain her family is going through. It made me realize that you can’t take anyone or anything for granted. We’re busy chasing our careers, success, money & forget to live & love. Those frivolous things mean nothing at the end of the day. I can’t tell you how much I stress on a daily trying to make it to the top. Why am I stressing? What are we really doing in life. Worrying about ourselves all the time. What are we doing for him(God)? In the end he’s the only one that can help us. My friend Karmen is one of the most selfless individuals that I know. She always makes sure she does for others before she does for herself. I can only hope to be that way one day. I pray that God fills the void she feels right now from losing her brother. Special prayers going out to Ms. Kelly, Kayla, Kam and their whole family. Thank you for being that light in my life Karmen.

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According to Louisville Metro Police, Benson and Germina Cruz were pronounced dead at the scene at 10:31 p.m. after the vehicle Benson was driving struck a utility pole at the intersection of Taylorsville Road and Betty Lane, near Dutchmans Lane.

The 24-year-old Benson suffered multiple blunt force injuries and Cruz, 23, died as a result of a head injury suffered during the one-car accident, which police think may have happend after the vehicle hit a patch of ice. A third person riding in the back seat, Dominique Owens, was transported to an area hospital.

According to WDRB NEWS, Kerry Benson’s basketball career took flight on the court at Pleasure Ridge Park High School.


 His mother, Kelly Benson said “He loved PRP, he loved the staff, students the game.”

Kerry Benson, 24, was a walk-on at Kentucky in 2007.

“He just always wanted to go to UK and play for UK,” Kelly Benson said.


He left the team mid-way through the 2007-2008 season to focus on his education.

Twitter remembers young Kerry Benson:

Cruz was a dancer for the 2014 Lady Xtreme Dance Team.

WHAS reports, “Germina was very upbeat. She had a great personality; very well-liked,” Xtreme’s general manager Victor Cole said.

The Xtreme’s general manager remembers the young woman, whose teammates lovingly called “queen of the selfies” and put everyone in a good mood. He said the team is in shock that their friend is gone.


“The entire Xtreme family will not only miss Germina for her great talents on the field, but for the work she did for the team in the community and for her kind, caring and outgoing personality,” the team said in a statement. “The Xtreme family wishes to offer its prayers and condolences to Germina’s family and friends. She will not be forgotten.”


Kerry Benson and Germina Cruz may be gone but they will never be forgotten. The Louisville, KY community took a hard hit on the sharing of the news. Continue to pray for both families!