New Music: Chris Brown Debuts ‘New Flame’ Featuring Rick Ross

There has been a lot of new Chris Brown music released within the past month and today another new record has surfaced.

Breezy recruits Rozay on his newest single “New Flame” which will appear on his forthcoming sixth studio album, X, out May 5th, but at this leaking pace we’re going have listen to “X” in its entirety before it actually comes out! Either Chris will sue his ex-manager or he forces RCA to push up the release date of “X”. Maybe we can expect the release “X” sooner than we think!

The lyrics talk about Chris meeting a beautiful one night in a club, and he sees she‘s come alone with no boyfriend at sight. Chris approaches her and offers her to be his “new flame”. Is this romantic or what? Do you think Rick Ross ruins the romantic mood with his unnecessary verse?

Want to listen to New Flame, just click the link below and keep checking for the latest news with Chris Brown.