The Game Returns to BET: Season 7 Premieres TONIGHT!

The season 7 premiere airs tonight at 10pm, are you ready? The Game returns to BET and fans are more excited than ever. I wonder what will happen this season. Here’s a short recap of season 6:

1. Derwin gets traded and heads to Baltimore. Crazy right? But he’s closer to Melanie. Remeber she moved there for medical school. I just want them to work…is that possible? Nonetheless, the move is official and I’m looking forward to see what will happen next.

2. Keira and Blue kiss for the very first time! Keep in mind that Blue is a recently drafted rookie that she’s been flirting with. The two hit it off pretty quick and they find themselves locking lips. Keira knows what she’s doing and I think she plays the roll well. I doubt they will be ‘official’ though. We’ll see. If you can remember he finds out that he took her virginity and things turned for the worst. He was really bothered by this news. Interesting… They definitely have a on and off again relationship which would drain me! They claim to not be an item so who’s willing to pursue who more? I love how Keira out bid everyone at The Sunbeams Charity Auction to win Blue. Don’t forget that she begins to look at her co-star Luke Rogers. After a while, the season shows Blue and Keira getting back together. I can’t deal.

3. Ex-Laker player Rick Fox returns and Tasha Mack, still engaged to Pookie doesn’t know what to do. Why is Pookie still in the picture? Especially since he knows Tasha can’t be trusted around Rick. Okay, so do you remember when Jason returns and thinks that Rick has kissed Chardonnay when really it was a small peck on the cheek? Jason played no game about his girl and barged into Tasha’s apartment. Pookie was there which caused controversy which led to the reveal of Tasha cheating. Oh yeah, Tasha and Pookie got matching tattoos. I totally forgot about that. She thought it was a good idea to do after cheating on Pookie. I guess them getting matching ink is supposed to make up for her mistake? Girllllll please. That’s why Pookie broke it off with her. He was tired of the lying and cheating.

4. The water photoshoot revealed some information also! Here Keira and Ciara got into a huge argument, Jason admitted to Chardonnay later on that he had been taking steroids, and Malik argued with this ex’s baby’s daddy Franco (and again in the club while out with Blue). Whew, the drama continues.

5. Chardonnay talks with Tasha and is convincing enough to make Tasha get herself some help. I mean she truly cares about Rick, but can handle her emotions taking over. Tasha Mack goes to therapy and talks about her break up. I love that Tasha stays consistent and wants to mend various relationships. Her father Poppa Mack comes on the show and they settle issues they’ve had.

6. So much for Blue and Keira, ya’ll thought I was finished? Ha! Remember seeing the sex scene that Keira and Luke filmed in Baggers. After seeing that Blue didn’t know how to act. Poor Kiera.

7. Here is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Malik gets jumped. Yes, Franco and his crew spot Malik walking alone to his car and they see it as an opportunity to get revenge from the club fight. Will Malik return to the game? I guess we’ll have to sit tight and see.


What do you think will happen in Season 7? I hope I’m not the only one excited that Kelly’s character is returning. This should be interesting.