iPhone 6: Latest Rumors, Features and Release Date

If you are like me you probably already got the iPhone 5c,the first iPhone to come in bold, brilliant color.  Finally, I can enjoy an amazing smartphone that expresses my personality.

As soon as I bought the iPhone 5c, the rumor mill started churning out reports about Apple’s next smartphone, likely called the iPhone 6 which will be released in July.

With the iPhone being one of the most successful selling smartphones on the market, there is much anticipation that the next Apple smartphone will sell like hot cakes.

According to Business Insider, APPLE is experimenting with a new screen technology that could bring sharper colours to the iPhone 6. The Patent filings suggest that the company is planning to use “quantum dots” – tiny crystal semiconductors measuring thousandths of a millimetre across – it its screens. They can be tuned to emit light at highly specific frequencies, meaning that a quantum dot screen can reproduce colour more accurately than existing LED displays.

Tim Cook (Apple CEO) told the Wall Street Journal during an interview that the screen is important for more than just resolution, ” We want to give our customers what’s right in all respects- not just the size but in the resolution, in the clarity, in the contrast, in the reliability.”

Given the rumors that the new iPhone will come in multiple sizes, a design similar to this could actually be in the works. It just seems very unlikely that it will be seen as a follow-up to the 5C.

Now the current iPhone 5S includes a small fingerprint sensor, but technology outlined in these patent documents would allow the screen itself to read fingerprints. This would eliminate the need for a separate sensor module underneath the screen.

If the rumors are true, such feature will work in tandem with the Quantum Dot display technology, which will replace Retina panel that will allow the iPhone 6 to flash sharper colour and brightness renditions.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6 is rumored to feature rapid-charging and better battery life, superfast 5G Wi-Fi connectivity, Remote input control, Class-leading camera with image stabilization and laser projected keyboard.

Note, however, that the features mentioned above are not certain to be packed with the iPhone 6, I guess will find out for sure when the newest addition to the iPhone family is released.