6 Study Tips to Help Ace Your College Midterms

It may seem like you just moved into your dorm room, unpacked your clothes and attended your first big lecture. But, guess what? You’re already almost halfway through this term of classes, and that can only mean one thing — MIDTERMS! I know, exciting right? Soon after midterms come finals, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What are you going to do to prepare for exam day? Exams in college are much different than they are in high school. Likely, in high school, you received a study guide, or an explicit list of information to know for your final exam. In college, you may not get anything at all, so you’ll need to study in a very different way. Just follow these study tips for college midterm exams and you’ll breeze through midterm week (with your fingers crossed of course)!

1. Don’t Cram


Staying up the night before and trying to review material is probably one of the hardest task in the world. Can it be done? Of course. Is it something that should be done all of the time? Not at all. You know how difficult an exam has the potential to be.  Staying ahead of your professor and preparing yourself is what will help you ace the midterm. In addition to helping you retain the information better, studying a little bit each day in advance of your exam will help you perform better and be better prepared for the exam. Give yourself an hour or two each day to study, beginning at least one week before your midterm date. If you feel that the course needs more attention, trying the studying process two weeks in advance. Giving yourself extra time to learn the material is whats best.

2. Attend Review Sessions


Use the resources your institution provides for you. Whether it be receiving help from a tutor or forming a study group, you want to take advantage of these opportunities. You may be tempted to skip out on that review session or study group being held by your Teaching Assistant (TA), but this could be a huge mistake. Most of the time, these study sessions cover the main exam topics and TAs usually let more than a few exam questions slip during these meetings. Be sure to attend and get as much information about the exam you can. If you do not have a Teaching Assistant, find people within your class that would like to meet up and study the exam material. Reviewing for the exam an be done alone, but statistics show that students have a better chance in remembering the material if they work in groups or review with another person.

3. Talk With Your Professor


If you aren’t completely clear on what’s going to be covered during the exam, what key concepts you should focus on, or even what the exam will look like, head to office hours and talk to your professor. Most of the time students don’t take advantage of professor providing office hours for questions and help. Come into their office knowing what you want to ask and be sure to remain confident. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Your professor is there to help you and they might even hint towards essay questions or multiple choice answers!

4. Completely Disconnect


Turn off everything! No excuses. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and your personal email accounts are all unnecessary distractions. If you want to ace your test, a sacrifice as to be made. I’m more than positive your instagram follower can’t help you study. While studying, disconnect for an hour or so. If you need more time, disconnect for as long as you need.  You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish when technology doesn’t get in the way. The advancement of technology is hard to let go of, but if you want to make the grade and keep up your GPA, disconnect.

5. Get Plenty of Rest


If you’re anything like me, you’re a night owl. I just can’t sleep some nights, but that’s okay. College students like yourself stay up all night whether it be partying, blaiming insomnia, or inviting friends over to chill. During midterms, find the time to just sleep and sleep only. Of course it can be challenging to try to get the sleep you need, and it becomes especially challenging during high-intensity times, like midterms week. However, these are also the times when your sleep matters the most. Do your best to get in all of the sleep you need so that your brain can operate at its best.

6. Ace Your Midterms


Don’t underestimate how much of a positive influence your self-confidence can have. If you have a big exam coming up, don’t stress out about it: just prepare. Create a study plan; study in small periods; come logistically prepared; physically be ready; and then … show that exam who’s really in charge. You got this!!!!! I want to see that GPA rise. Good luck! 🙂