Bill O’Reilly Discusses The Influence of Gangsta Rap

Is Bill O’Reilly saying all black rappers are thugs when he identified Jay-Z and Kanye West as “gangster rappers”?

Jay-Z  who real name is Shawn Carter is a music mogul, sports agent and of the most influential rappers to ever pick up the microphone.  Kanye West is more than a college dropout but a crazy-talented producer who has changed the sound of music forever.

Bill O’Reilly is no stranger to beefing with hip hop artists. You might remember his infamous beef with Ludacris a few years ago that ended in Pepsi dropping Luda as a spokesperson.

To Bill O’Reilly, however, they’re just “gangster rappers” who need to be put in their place. Or at least, that’s what he said on Thursday, when he spoke to Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett about President Obama’s new program “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative to help young minority men.

“You have to attack the fundamental disease if you want to cure it,” O’Reilly told Jarrett. “Now I submit to you that you’re gonna have to get people like Jay Z, Kanye West, all these gangsta rappers to knock it off.”

“Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me,” O’Reilly said while interrupting Jarrett. “You gotta get them where they live. They idolize these guys with the hats on backwards, and the terrible rap lyrics and the drugs and all of that.”

“It’s these gangster rappers, it’s the athletes, it’s the tattoo guys; you gotta get them in there to tell these kids that you gotta stop the disruptive behavior or you gonna wind up in a morgue or in prison.”

O’Reilly has long been one of the chief proponents of the idea that economic inequality and social injustice are, primarily, the result of its victims not acting like good people, and during his chat with Jarrett, he reiterated this long-standing conviction.

“You have to attack the fundamental disease if you want to cure it,” O’Reilly said, referring to the “collapse of the traditional family.” And the best way to save the family, O’Reilly said, was to get kids today to stop listening to that damned rap music.

Should parents listen to Mr. O’Reilly and monitor their children’s music?

The famous FOX host also invited First Lady Michelle Obama onto his program to encourage young teenage girls to stop having sex.

“I believe that this ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ program is gonna work. But it’ll work a lot faster, and you’ll save a lot more lives if you incorporate what I’m telling you tonight. If you get down to them in a way that’s so personal. Yes, do all the other things, and all the other things are good. But you’re not getting gritty enough.”

Watch Bill O’Reilly’s talk with Valerie Jarrett in the video below.

What do you think? Should rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West change their message? Does music influence the actions of others?