Steve Stoute is Confronted by 50 Cent at Knicks Game

Steve Stoute was confronted by 50 Cent during a  Knicks game at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Friday (Feb. 28).


What’s the reasoning behind the heated confrontation?

The word on the street is Stoute does not consider the  G-Unit leader an influential hip-hop artist.

During an interview with Angie Martinez earlier in the week, Stoute went out of his way to downplay 50 Cent’s career and exclude him from his list of the top 5 most influential people in hip hop.

“50 hasn’t had a hit in a really long time,” he told Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez. “He has not made anything musically that has changed anything in a really long time. I feel like he’s always gearing up for something that never happens.”

Let’s be real, both parties have valid points. 50 feels disrespected because the rapper did release Get Rich or Die Trying album, along with the classic follow-up The Massacre. The success of both of the albums brought 50 to fame, but now fans don’t know where the rapper stands.

Judging by the photo, 50 made sure he got his point across while Stoute!

Do you think of 50 Cent being an influential artist? When you hear a song by 50 what are your reactions?