Pharrell’s New Album Cover Draws Criticism Because Of The Lack of Brown Skinned Women

Here is a surprise for everyone. Out of nowhere, Pharrell has announced his new studio album ‘G I R L’ and unveils the official artwork for it. His first studio album in eight years and people are already talking about it!

Songs such as “Blurred Lines” and “Happy”, has had major air time on various radio stations. People calling in, asking “Keisha can you play Happy by Pharrell”? But now, people are talking about the cover art for GIRL.

The cover art for GIRL has drawn a lot of criticism because of its lack of diversity when it comes to brown hued women.  There’s a white woman, and two ambiguous light-skinned women on the cover, but Pharrell is the only person with brown skin.

Take a look at a few of the responses to the cover below:

So what is all the controversy about?

The conversation of colorism regarding Pharrell cover art for GIRL has some young ladies saying “she  doesn’t look like a real black woman”. In regards to the women in the back of the cover who could possibly be black, leave audience questions “is she black?” Does the color of skin matter? Has Pharrell started a light skinned versus dark sinned battle?

Skin color does not set the standard for blackness and fighting colorism isn’t about throwing other black women who don’t have your skin tone, or physical features under the bus, or denouncing them as black. Is colorism really an issue with regards to his new album cover?

Why are some people concerned over the album cover art?

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