#LetsMove: Staying Healthy with Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama teams up with Will Ferrell to promote the First Lady’s anti-childhood obesity initiative. In February of 2010, the “Let’s Move” initiative began in hopes of changing the lives of many americans. I’m loving her desire to encourage dancing, fitness routines, and making better food choices. First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off her fourth year anniversary of the “Let’s Move” on February 20th, 2014. It is important that everyone understands FLOTUS wants to demonstrate the national scope of this movement. Excited, she’s lined up guest appearances and small speeches about what our nation can do to move in a healthier direction.

The video made its debut on Monday during ABC’s Good Morning America. During this three minute public servie accouncement, FLOTUS and Ferrell act as though they are running a focus group full of kids. This was part of an effort to discover the healthiest foods and how kids can stay fit. The kids are asked questions and they share their favorite fruits and vegetables. Michelle Obama works hard to keep a straight face even when Will Ferrell bombards the children with hilarious deadpan jokes. I think you’ll enjoy the pair. Here’s the clip:

I’m proud of the first lady and her motivation towards getting various communities involved. While on your social media accounts, use the hashtag #LetsMove and support the movement. You can also visit http://www.letsmove.gov/ for more information about how YOU can be involved!