Criminality of the Black Teen: The Michael Dunn Case

Michael Dunn, a 47-year-old man accused of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis, was convicted on Monday. He received three counts of attempted first-degree murder and people are outraged after the judge declared a mistrial on the charge of first-degree murder for Jordan’s death. Juror #4, who now identifies herself as Valerie, spoke out on Wednesday saying that she believes Michael Dunn got away with murder. “We looked at a lot of evidence and myself, it was where the gunshots were, the timing,” says Valerie during an Interview with ABC News. She continues saying “A life was taken. There is no longer a Jordan Davis, and there is only one reason why that is. The boy was shot and killed for reasons that should not have happened.”


The case covers the story placing Michael Dunn and four Jacksonville, Florida teens Jordan Davis, Leland Brunson, Tommie Stornes and Tevin Thompson at a local gas station in a dispute over loud music being played.  Davis, the only teen to be killed on the scene, sat in the car with two friends and played music while they waited for the fourth teen to return from inside store. The teen and his friends were sitting in an SUV next to Dunn when an argument quickly led to Dunn pulling his gun and shooting nine times into the vehicle, killing Davis. Nine Times. No weapons were found in the SUV the teens sat in though Dunn claims to have noticed one of the boys ‘reaching for something’ and that he acted in self-defense.


Two of the 12 members of that panel believed Dunn’s account in saying that he killed Jordan Davis in self-defense and the jury did not see the incident in racial terms. From this we make relation to the Trayvon Martin Case, a florida teen also killed by being shot and George Zimmerman was found not guilty. People argue that Florida is not the place to be seeing as they continue to let racial profiling and stereotyping serve as the basis for killing young teens. Parents of Jordan Davis, Ron Davis and Lucia McBeth, believe that the jury did the best that they could. Lucia McBeth shares: ““We know that the jurors, when they walked in that room to deliberate, we know without a doubt that they were posed with a very delicate but a very profound decision that they had to make. We believe, absolutely, with all our hearts, that they did everything that they could to come to what they believe was the most just decision.

davis parents

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