Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him: 10 Ways To Express Your Love On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is a lovely time of year where roses are sent from a secret admirer, gifts are exchanged between lovers and couples enjoy romantic candle-lit dinners. Valentine’s Day allows you to let loose and do something different.  Whether it’s a candle lit dinner, or dressing up for a special night out, seize the opportunity and show your man how much you care.

Not sure what to do for Valentine’s Day? I have lots of romantic Valentine’s Day inspiration for you!

1)      Book a romantic reservation (at home)- Ever hear the saying “there is no place like home”, or “home is where the heart is?” Take a minute of your busy scedhule and make time for your man. Enjoy a nice home cooked meal by preparing his faviroite dish for a romanitc dinner and have dinner under candle light.  You know you have always been told you a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and they were right.

2)      Enjoy a movie- After enjoying a candlelight dinner for two at home, give your man a massage and watch a romantic movie. If he is not into romantic films, watch a movie you know he loves.

3)      Dress it up- Get out of your work out clothes and dress up a little. Maybe wear that little black dress that has been setting in the back of your closet since last year. Remind him how gorgeous you look when you are all dolled up!

4)      Suprise-Send him flowers or his favorite dessert

5)      Personalize – Go the extra step and personalize your gift. Add his initials or a thoughtful message to a piece of jewelry.  Whether you’re getting him a watch or a ring adding a personal touch makes it that much more special.

6)      Simply say  I Love You- The words “I Love you” can go a long way! Try Leaving sweet  post-it notes throughout the house or on his car windshield.

7)      Make Coupons – This one can be lots of fun with a little creativity.  Make him a coupon book filled with some things such as free night out with the fellas, free full body rub, and dinner of his choosing.  This can be as exciting or romantic as you want it too!



8)      Recreate Your First Date – Do you remember your first date? Do you remember what you all ate on your first day or what each other wore the first time you met? Recreate your first date. While stirring up old memories, you’ll both realize how far into the relationship you’ve come.

9)      Splurge-  Looking for something that is sure to impress your man on Valentine’s Day? Why not sports or concert tickets. The two of you can enjoy a game or concert together or you can let him go with friends.

10)   For men who are picky- Gift Certificates and gift cards make the perfect gifts. You can choose a gift card from your man’s favorite restaurant or store. Giving the gift of gift certificates saves you the embarrassment of picking up something he may not like at all. So when in doubt, gift cards and certificates make awesome presents!

In the end Valentine’s Day is not about the money you spend on your man, it’s about the thought put into your gifts for him.  The possibilities are endless, and only you know what your guy likes.  Don’t be scared to do something out of the ordinary. Have fun and do something you know would never forget.  Romance can easily die down once you have kids,start school, work, and get caught up in daily routines. Remember  it’s important to keep romance alive!  So go ahead and go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day and make memories that would last a lifetime!