What’s up with Hip-Hop and Godly references?

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Lately some of the hottest rappers are coming out with a “Godly reference” for their album titles for example Rick Ross “God forgives, I don’t”, The Game “Jesus Piece”, J Cole “Born Sinner”, Kanye West “Yeezus” and Jay-Z “Magna Carta”. Yes they all seem to have something to do with religion and it definitely has fans raising eyebrows and causing a buzz about the titles and people wondering what is truly the meaning and message behind this.

Do you guys think it is for attention, or is something really up with the names? You can definitely get the same vibe from all. Check out the post Keisha posted and the answers from her followers today….

God Forgives, I don’t, Jesus Piece, Born Sinner, Yeezus, Magna Carta Hip Hop & these Godly references. Are you okay with it?
Keshia Parker NOPE NOT AT ALL
    • Anthony K. Eaton It is one of the reasons the game as a whole sucks. Nobody wants to be original. Most of them are parrots, copying off others
    • Haterfree Harlan Hip hop is dead
    • De-Mond Beasley there is a piece from a executive from the nwa era that touched on the kkk using music to destroy black people. privatize prisons and profit from the gullible blacks that will sell dope and kill just like the lyrics say. make kids worship men as idols and belittle women and men alike. so their plan has worked well. “NO I DONT LIKE IT”
    • Chayla Livingeverydaylikeitsmylast Carr Not at all…it’s an abomination!
    • Andre Stoner Noooo secret socity right there smh
    • Anthony K. Eaton Not really dead, it’s just a lotta bull being supported….
    • Laura Clark I don’t have an issue w/ it… Simply because these album titles were chosen to get the ppl talking… And guess what? We’re talking about it… #theywin!
    • Ph Pearson ^^^^right plus they don’t care what! Anybody talking bout all of them gonna do numbers plus they making serious money!!!!hip hop is dead LMAO!!! Naw they getting paid!!!!!
    • Sowande Rentando Malone nope not really because they are really just titles to an album. no one has problems with omen or the last supper as movies titles. it’s just art and like love, hate, sex, money, family, success, failure, religion is apart of our lives as well as our art. And two of those titles don’t really count. Jcole got that Born Sinner from the Biggie line in “Juicy’ and Magna Carta isn’t a religious thing it has to do with the British Empire and putting limits on the king’s power it was the first article of it’s kind put into place in the british empire by the lords. either way it’s just music to me.
    • Noble Kause This is all about attacking Christianity it is told in the end times these things would come its a new age and a new belief system is rising they are popularizing blaspheme against god and his son their god us Satan and they know it he gave them riches and fame things if this world and in return they must stray as many souls as possible and attack god and our savior this is just the beginning the attack on Christianity will soon come to your front door step those of the world will hate us for they do not know the father or his way they are on the wide path to destruction
    • Audrey Dulin-Cuff Nooooo it sends out a very bad message and VIBE. who they think they are? Oh I forgot YEZZUS. smh
    • Laura Clark See??? Ppl still talking… Lol. #theyrewinning lol
    • Noble Kause Our father is winning and never can loose!
    • Noble Kause How are they winning is they are setting themselves up for failure???? god will say I do not know you to them
    • Noble Kause You call that winning. Call salvation winning
    • Laura Clark Idc about what any artist titles their album… And last I checked it isn’t our job to judge what these artists do in the first place. So if any artist wanted to name their album I Am Jesus Christ… Cool with me cuz that’s on them @ the end of the day. I am not their judge & neither is anyone else living & breathing on this earth. #thatisall
Noble Kause It seems you all have they way of the world in your heart to

Written By: Brooke_Gisele