Keisha Nicole’s Zucchini Pasta Recipe #KeishasKrib

This is my absolute go to meal. It’s healthy and quick. It’s a great substitution for PASTA! Sure pasta is carb OVERLOAD but not when you substitute the carbs for veggies. I’m talking… Continue reading

#TopicOfTheDay Men wearing hats vs. Women wearing weaves. What’s more deceiving?

Ladies…so you meet a guy and he is FINE! He has on a hat but you think nothing of it because men wear hats all the time. You guys go on more than… Continue reading


Listen! On Air!


This is the one event I look forward to every year. Raising money for Kosair Children’s Hospital. It’s always a reminder of how blessed I am. We broadcast from the lobby of the… Continue reading

My Debut As A DJ!!!

After months of relentless practice, I finally made my Debut as a DJ at Victoria’s Secret. Thank you to my mentor DJ K-Dogg for pushing me past my limits. I love a new… Continue reading